Additional Styles

In addition to Mdern Arnis, Bruce has also mastered and teaches other martial arts styles and techniques. He is also a licensed Security Instructor.


Mr. Chiu holds multiple Black Belts and holds a 7th degree or higher equivalent in Karate, American Karate, and White Crane Kung Fu.


Law enforcement applications of batons, sticks, and tonfa including locks, traps, pain compliance, takedowns, and come-alongs


Bu-Ki-Do-  “The way of the warrior spirit”

Developed by Richard Machowicz, former Navy SEAL, host of Discovery Channel’s FutureWeapons, and author of Unleash The Warrior Within, Mack, as he is more commonly known, has created a training system that “will teach you how to think critically, focus your efforts and tackle your biggest fears through the physical metaphor of combat”.

GM Chiu travelled to California to study BUkido with Machowicz and came away with this assesment:

As a former law enforcement officer and a martial arts instructor for the past 20 years, I have trained with some of the best instructors in the world. I have seen dozens of systems all claiming to be the “best street fighting art,” the “best self-defense,” the “most real,” etc. Never have I seen a system that could match its claims, until now.